June 22, 2024

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Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number: Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman Get Steamy in Netflix’s “A Family Affair” [Trailer]

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Zac Efron heats things up with Nicole Kidman in a hilarious and heartwarming new Netflix rom-com, "A Family Affair." Get ready for laughs, tears, and undeniable chemistry!

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number: Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman Get Steamy in Netflix's "A Family Affair" [Trailer]

Hold onto your hats, rom-com fans! Netflix just dropped the trailer for “A Family Affair,” and it looks like we’re in for a wild ride. The film stars Hollywood A-listers Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron in a story that’s sure to set tongues wagging.

Kidman Plays a Single Mom Who Finds Love in an Unexpected Place

Kidman takes on the role of Brooke, a single mom navigating the often-tricky dating world. Enter Chris Cole, played by the ever-charming Efron. There’s just one teeny tiny twist: Chris isn’t just some random guy Brooke meets at a coffee shop. He’s actually Zara’s (played by Joey King) self-absorbed boss, and let’s just say Zara is none too pleased about the situation.

Warning: Major Laughs and Maybe Even Tears

The trailer hints at a hilarious clash between Zara and Chris, with King perfectly capturing the awkwardness (and maybe a hint of jealousy?) of a daughter witnessing her mom date a younger man, especially when that man happens to be her boss. But hey, amidst the chaos, there’s undeniable chemistry between Brooke and Chris. Will their age difference tear them apart, or will love conquer all?

A Star-Studded Cast and Familiar Faces

Directed by Richard Lagravenese and written by Carrie Solomon, “A Family Affair” boasts a cast that goes beyond just Kidman and Efron. We’re also treated to appearances by comedy queens Liza Koshy and Kathy Bates. This reunion for Efron and Kidman (they previously shared the screen in “The Paperboy”) is bound to be epic, and with Kathy Bates lending her comedic genius, we can expect plenty of laughs alongside the heartwarming romance.

So, When Can We Stream It?

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date yet, but based on the steamy trailer and the all-star cast, it’s safe to say this rom-com is going to be a major hit. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, and in the meantime, check out the trailer for a taste of what’s to come!


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