May 21, 2024

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Bay Area Gridlock: Second Protest Shuts Down Golden Gate Bridge Traffic

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Golden Gate Bridge protest halts traffic, causing major delays on both sides. Avoid the bridge if possible & expect gridlock.
Golden Gate

Bay Area Gridlock: Second Protest Shuts Down Golden Gate Bridge Traffic

Ugh, another Monday commute turned nightmare! Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse after the morning’s I-880 closure, a second protest completely blocked traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The protest, which erupted around 8 am, halted traffic in both directions. Southbound lanes are completely jammed, with frustrated drivers stuck bumper-to-bumper all the way back through the Robin Williams Tunnel. CHP (California Highway Patrol) reports that northbound traffic seems to be experiencing some delays but vehicles are still managing to get across.

Local news choppers captured footage of the protest, showing demonstrators holding a large banner that reads “STOP THE WORLD FOR GAZA” across the southbound lanes. While the cause they’re fighting for is important, the timing and location of this protest couldn’t be worse for Bay Area commuters.

Commuter Chaos

If you’re stuck in the mess or trying to get into the city, here’s what you need to know:

  • Avoid the Golden Gate Bridge entirely if possible. Consider alternate routes like the Bay Bridge or ferries if you can.
  • Expect major delays. If you absolutely must cross the bridge, buckle up and be prepared for a long wait.
  • Check traffic updates constantly. Traffic apps and local news stations will provide the latest information on road closures and alternate routes.

Stay Safe Out There

With tensions high and frustration mounting, it’s important to stay safe on the roads. Here are some tips:

  • Be patient. Adding to the frustration won’t help anyone.
  • Avoid aggressive driving. It’s tempting when you’re stuck in traffic, but aggressive maneuvers only increase the risk of accidents.
  • Stay hydrated and have some snacks on hand. Who knows how long you’ll be stuck for?

This is a developing story, and we’ll continue to update you as more information becomes available. In the meantime, good luck to everyone out there braving the Bay Area commute today!


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