May 21, 2024

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Double Trouble: Jeff Jarrett Explains His Unexpected Tag Team with Owen Hart

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Unlikely bedfellows? Jeff Jarrett explains how his entertaining yet brief tag team with Owen Hart came to be during the WWF's Attitude Era. Dive into the story behind this unexpected alliance!
Jeff Jarrett

Double Trouble: Jeff Jarrett Explains His Unexpected Tag Team with Owen Hart

Wrestling fans of a certain age will remember the unlikely, yet entertaining, tag team of Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart in the WWF (now WWE) during the late 1990s. This week, on his podcast “My World,” Jeff Jarrett shed some light on how this unique partnership came about.

The Context is King: The Birth of the Attitude Era

Jarrett acknowledged the lack of a single, defining moment that led to their pairing. Instead, he emphasized the significance of the era’s overall atmosphere. The “Attitude Era,” as it’s known, was a period of intense competition between the WWF and WCW, featuring edgier storylines and characters. Within this context, Raw desperately needed strong programming to counter WCW’s Nitro.

Going Solo: Wrestlers With Single Identities

One key factor was that both Jarrett and Hart were established singles wrestlers. While Hart had teamed with his brother The British Bulldog and Koko B. Ware, these pairings felt more like “thrown together” duos rather than cohesive units like The Rockers or The Bushwhackers. Jarrett, on the other hand, had never been a dedicated tag wrestler, though he had participated in multi-man matches throughout his career.

An Unlikely Alliance Takes Flight

The decision to pair Jarrett and Hart was likely a product of the WWF’s brainstorming efforts to create fresh matchups during a crucial period. It was an experiment that, while unexpected, proved to be surprisingly successful. Their contrasting styles – Jarrett’s brash arrogance against Hart’s comedic charm – created an entertaining dynamic that resonated with fans.

A Look Back: A Brief But Memorable Tag Team Run

Although their tag team run wasn’t the longest in WWF history, it left a lasting impression. Their ability to mesh their individual strengths into a tag team with its own personality is a testament to their talent and adaptability.

For those who yearn for the days of unpredictable alliances and innovative programming, the short-lived Jarrett and Hart tag team serves as a reminder of the magic professional wrestling can create when it takes chances.


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