June 14, 2024

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Drake & J. Cole Take Flight: A Dive into the “It’s All a Blur” Tour’s Opening Night Setlist

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The "It's All a Blur" tour kicks off with a bang! Dive into the electrifying setlist & relive Drake & J. Cole's opening night magic. Hits, deep cuts, & pure hip-hop fire - Don't miss this historic tour!

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Hold onto your hats, hip-hop heads, because the history-making “It’s All a Blur” tour, featuring Drake and J. Cole, has officially touched down! The co-headlining extravaganza kicked off with a bang in Tampa, Florida, leaving fans buzzing with the electrifying energy of two rap titans sharing the stage. But what were the bangers that sent the crowd into a frenzy? Let’s dissect the epic setlist that had the Amalie Arena lit.


The 6 God himself opened the show with a smooth flex, dropping “Look What You’ve Done” to set the tone for a night of chart-topping hits. From the introspective vibes of “Marvin’s Room” to the undeniable party anthems like “Started From the Bottom” and “One Dance,” Drake kept the crowd moving and singing along. He even threw it back to his early days with “Feel No Ways,” reminding everyone of the lyrical prowess that made him a star.

J. Cole

J. Cole wasn’t just an opening act; he commanded the stage with his signature blend of conscious lyricism and streetwise flow. Tracks like “Power Trip” and “Middle Child” resonated with the audience, while introspective gems like “Nobody’s Perfect” showcased his introspective depth. Cole’s set wasn’t just about bangers; it was a journey through his artistic evolution, leaving fans wanting more.

The Dream Team

The real magic happened when Drake and J. Cole joined forces for the final leg of the show. Tracks like “Knife Talk” and “Spin Bout U” had the crowd moshing, while “Jimmy Cooks” and “Rich Flex” proved that the two rappers have undeniable chemistry. The energy was electric as they traded verses, reminding everyone why they’re considered two of the best in the game.

Beyond the Hits

While the setlist featured crowd-pleasing anthems, both Drake and J. Cole surprised fans with some deep cuts. Drake brought out the nostalgic “Teenage Fever,” while J. Cole delivered the introspective “Wet Dreamz.” These moments showcased the artistic depth of both rappers and proved that the night wasn’t just about hits; it was about celebrating their artistry.

The Verdict

The “It’s All a Blur” tour’s opening night setlist was a masterclass in curation. It balanced chart-topping hits with deeper cuts, showcased the individual brilliance of both rappers, and delivered explosive energy when they joined forces. This is a tour not to be missed, and if this opening night is any indication, it’s going to be a legendary run. So, grab your tickets, hip-hop fans, because this is a history-making moment you won’t want to miss!


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