May 21, 2024

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Drake & Kendrick Lamar: A Hip-Hop Bromance Gone Cold?

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Drake and Kendrick Lamar: Were they ever friends? Dive into the timeline of their rumored beef, including disses, diss tracks, and the recent "Euphoria" controversy.
Drake & Kendrick Lamar

Drake & Kendrick Lamar: A Hip-Hop Bromance Gone Cold?

Drake and Kendrick Lamar, two titans of the rap game, have had a relationship that’s as complex as their lyrics. It’s gone from early mutual respect to rumored shade, leaving fans to wonder: are they friends or foes? Let’s dive into the timeline of their rocky relationship.

Early Days: Mutual Admiration

Back in 2011, before Kendrick was a household name, Drake, already a rising star, took notice. He even tweeted lyrics from Kendrick’s song “ADHD,” showing genuine appreciation for his talent. This admiration was mutual. On Drake’s “Take Care” album, Kendrick even raps about being impressed by Drake’s lifestyle, hinting at a budding friendship.

Taking Each Other on Tour? Maybe Not

Things seemed to take a turn in 2013. Drake mentioned wanting to take Kendrick on tour, but some speculate record label pressure might have prevented it. This alleged snub, if true, could have planted the seeds of tension.

Subliminal Shots or Artistic Expression?

Over the years, fans have dissected lyrics from both rappers, searching for hidden disses. In 2015, Drake’s song “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” had lines interpreted as shots at Kendrick. Kendrick’s response, if any, remains a mystery.

The Tupac Diss Track and The Escalation

Things seemingly came to a head in April 2024. Drake released a song called “Taylor Made” featuring an AI-generated verse from Tupac Shakur, which took aim at Kendrick. Tupac’s estate disapproved, calling it disrespectful, and Drake was forced to take the song down. This incident might have been the tipping point.

Kendrick’s Scathing Diss Track: “Euphoria”

Just days ago, Kendrick dropped a surprise diss track titled “Euphoria.” He unleashes fury on Drake, calling him out for various shortcomings. This direct attack suggests a significant falling out, leaving fans to wonder if there’s any chance of reconciliation.

The Future of Drake & Kendrick

Whether Drake will respond with a diss track of his own remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure: the hip-hop landscape has shifted. This once-potential bromance has turned sour, and only time will tell if they can ever bury the hatchet.


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