May 21, 2024

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Get Your Turntable Spinnin’: Record Store Day 2024’s Most Wanted Releases

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Record Store Day 2024 is stacked with must-have vinyl releases! From Olivia Rodrigo & Noah Kahan's collab to classics like David Bowie & The Beatles, this is your guide to the most anticipated drops. Get your turntable ready!
Record Store Day

Get Your Turntable Spinnin': Record Store Day 2024's Most Wanted Releases

Calling all vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers! Record Store Day is back for 2024, and this year’s lineup is stacked with releases that are sure to have collectors scrambling. Mark your calendars and dust off your record player – here are some of the most anticipated drops you won’t want to miss:

Gen-Z Royalty Team Up:

Pop princess Olivia Rodrigo joins forces with singer-songwriter Noah Kahan for a special split single. This is a unique chance to hear them reimagine each other’s hits, and the limited-edition colored vinyl adds a collector’s touch.

Classics Get a Revival:

Gear up for a trip down memory lane with re-releases from legendary artists. Talking Heads fans can snag a special pressing, while Bowie enthusiasts can add a rare gem to their collection. The Beatles also have a surprise release planned, so keep an ear out for details.

Modern Alt-Rock Gets the Vinyl Treatment:

Indie rock mainstays Wilco are gracing record stores with a new release, while Pearl Jam is offering up something special for their dedicated fanbase. K-Pop fans won’t be left out either, with a sought-after Ateez record hitting the shelves.

Rising Stars Shine on Vinyl:

Icelandic songstress Laufey, who’s been making waves with her ethereal vocals, is getting the vinyl treatment for one of her projects. This is a fantastic opportunity to snag a record from a future music sensation.

Beyond the Big Names:

Remember, Record Store Day is also about celebrating independent artists and labels. Many stores will have exclusive releases from local bands and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So, use this as a chance to support your favorite record store and explore some fresh sounds!

Pro Tips for Score Big:

  • Do your research: Many stores will have a list of their exclusive releases in advance. Check their websites or social media pages to plan your shopping trip.
  • Get there early: Popular releases tend to sell out fast. Be prepared to line up early to secure your most wanted records.
  • Support small businesses: This is a great day to celebrate the independent record stores that keep music alive. Spend your money where it matters!

With an incredible selection of releases spanning genres and generations, Record Store Day 2024 promises to be a vinyl lover’s paradise. So, mark your calendars, grab your record-collecting buddies, and get ready to hunt down those hidden treasures!


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