July 23, 2024

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Holiday Cheer and SNL Flair: Top 7 Skits to Deck the Halls

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Relive the holiday cheer and laughter with our ranking of the top 7 SNL holiday skits. From heartwarming classics to absurdist gems, these sketches have captured the essence of the festive season with their unique blend of humor and social commentary. Prepare to be entertained by the likes of Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake, Maya Rudolph, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, and more as they deliver unforgettable performances that have become synonymous with SNL's holiday tradition.
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Saturday Night Live has a long and storied history of delivering hilarious holiday skits. From heartwarming classics to absurdist gems, SNL has given us some of the most memorable moments of the holiday season. Here are our picks for the seven best SNL holiday skits, ranked:

7. “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” (2000)

This sketch is a pure expression of childhood holiday excitement. Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan sing their hearts out about their desire for Christmas to come early. The song is catchy and the performances are infectious, making this sketch a true holiday classic.

6. “Dick in a Box” (2006)

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake became instant superstars with this viral sketch about two friends who make a holiday song and video. The song is absurd and hilarious, and the video is full of awkwardness and cringe. “Dick in a Box” is a true SNL classic.

5. “Home for Christmas” (2009)

This sketch is a heartwarming and bittersweet look at a family coming home for Christmas. The sketch is full of great performances, from Kristen Wiig’s awkward Aunt Mimi to Bill Hader’s hilarious portrayal of a drunk uncle.

4. “Christmastime for the Jews” (1993)

This sketch is a hilarious celebration of Jewish culture during the holiday season. Darlene Love sings a rousing rendition of “Christmastime for the Jews,” and Adam Sandler delivers a memorable stand-up routine about his Hanukkah experiences.

3. “Glengarry Glen Christmas: Elf Motivation” (2005)

This sketch is a parody of the Alec Baldwin motivational speech from Glengarry Glen Ross. Will Ferrell plays Santa Claus as a ruthless boss who motivates his elves to work harder. The sketch is hilarious and Ferrell’s performance is unforgettable.

2. “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood: Christmas” (1984)

This sketch is a parody of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood with Eddie Murphy playing a disgruntled and jaded Mr. Robinson. The sketch is full of dark humor and Murphy’s performance is brilliantly subversive.

1. “Santa Baby” (1993)

This sketch is a hilarious and iconic take on Madonna’s “Santa Baby.” Maya Rudolph plays an overly materialistic woman who asks Santa for a variety of extravagant gifts. The sketch is a perfect example of SNL’s ability to skewer pop culture and create unforgettable characters.

These are just a few of the many great SNL holiday skits. With new holiday episodes airing every year, there are sure to be many more classics to come.


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