July 13, 2024

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How to Spend $50 on Halloween at Walmart and Still Have a Spooktacular Time

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Looking for the best way to spend $50 on Halloween at Walmart? Check out this article for tips on finding cheap costumes, decorations, treats, and activities for the whole family. With a little planning, you can easily have a spooktacular Halloween without breaking the bank.

How to Spend $50 on Halloween at Walmart and Still Have a Spooktacular Time

Halloween is a fun holiday for people of all ages, but it can also be expensive. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry – you can still have a great Halloween for $50 or less at Walmart.

Here are some ideas for how to spend your $50:

  • Costume: You can find a variety of costumes at Walmart for under $20. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can try making your own costume. There are plenty of tutorials online and in crafting books.
  • Decorations: Walmart has a wide selection of Halloween decorations, from pumpkins and cobwebs to lights and sound effects. You can find decorations for under $5 each, so you can easily stay within your budget.
  • Treats: Of course, no Halloween is complete without treats! Walmart has a variety of candy and other treats for trick-or-treaters, as well as party supplies for Halloween parties. You can easily find treats for under $10.
  • Activities: If you’re looking for something to do on Halloween night, Walmart has a variety of activities, such as pumpkin carving contests and costume contests. Many Walmarts also host free Halloween events for the community.

Here are some specific product recommendations:

  • LED Pumpkin Lights: These lights are a safe and reusable alternative to candles. They’re also very affordable, costing around $5 each.
  • Create a Creature Kit: This kit is a great way for kids to get creative and have fun. It includes everything you need to make your own spooky creature, such as foam, clay, and googly eyes.
  • Halloween Treats: Walmart has a variety of Halloween treats to choose from, including candy, cookies, and cupcakes. You can find treats for under $10 each.
  • Costumes: Walmart has a wide selection of costumes for all ages, including classic characters, superheroes, and movie characters. You can find costumes for under $20 each.

No matter how you choose to spend your $50, you’re sure to have a great Halloween at Walmart.

Tips for saving money on Halloween at Walmart:

  • Shop early: The best deals on Halloween costumes and decorations are usually available early in the season.
  • Shop online: Walmart often has better deals on Halloween items online than in stores.
  • Use coupons: Walmart offers a variety of coupons that can be used on Halloween items.
  • Look for clearance items: Walmart often has clearance sales on Halloween items after the holiday.

Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. With a $50 budget, you can easily find a costume, decorations, treats, and activities for the whole family. By following the tips above, you can save even more money on your Halloween shopping.


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