May 21, 2024

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Howlin’ for More? Cowboys Draft Marshawn Kneeland, DeMarcus Lawrence 2.0?

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The Dallas Cowboys drafted Marshawn Kneeland, a defensive end compared to their star DeMarcus Lawrence. Can Kneeland become Lawrence's heir apparent and bolster the Cowboys' pass rush?

Howlin' for More? Cowboys Draft Marshawn Kneeland, DeMarcus Lawrence 2.0?

The Dallas Cowboys just wrapped up the 2024 NFL Draft, and with their second-round pick (56th overall), they snagged Western Michigan’s defensive end, Marshawn Kneeland. While some fans might not be familiar with the name yet, the buzz around the pick is electric. Why? Because the Cowboys themselves are drawing some interesting comparisons – to none other than their very own defensive leader, DeMarcus Lawrence.

Here’s the story: Kneeland, a fifth-year senior, checks all the boxes for a prototypical NFL edge rusher. Standing at 6-foot-3 and weighing in at a solid 267 pounds, he has the ideal build to disrupt offensive lines. But according to the Cowboys’ front office, it’s not just his physical attributes that caught their eye. They see a lot of DeMarcus Lawrence in Kneeland, and that’s high praise indeed.

Lawrence, a four-time Pro Bowler, is a legend in Dallas. Renowned for his relentless effort and ferocious playing style, he’s been a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ defense for years. When asked about the pick, the team referenced that same fire they saw in a young Lawrence back in 2014. They love the way Kneeland approaches the game – all heart, all hustle, all violence (on the field, of course!).

This focus on motor and mentality is refreshing. Sure, athleticism is crucial, but finding a player who brings that extra intensity, that burning desire to win – that’s a special kind of talent. And if the Cowboys are right, they might have just found their heir apparent to DeMarcus Lawrence.

Now, is Kneeland a guaranteed future Pro Bowler? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: Cowboys Nation has a reason to be excited. With a young talent like Kneeland learning from a seasoned pro like Lawrence, the Dallas pass rush could be downright scary for years to come.


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