June 22, 2024

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Indy 500 Roars into the Future with NTT’s AI and Data Tech

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Buckle up for the future! NTT's AI and data tech roar into the Indianapolis 500, bringing fans a thrilling ride with real-time insights, virtual experiences & more.
Indy 500

Indy 500 Roars into the Future with NTT's AI and Data Tech

The 2024 Indianapolis 500, also known as the “Indy 500 presented by Gainbridge,” wasn’t just about heart-stopping racing and checkered flags. This year, NTT, a global tech leader, brought some serious artificial intelligence (AI) and data innovation to the track, revving up the experience for both fans and race teams.

IndyCar Goes High-Tech

Imagine feeling the G-forces as you squeeze around a turn at 200 miles per hour. Thanks to NTT’s “Embodied Knowledge” technology, fans got a taste of that thrill. This new simulation experience combines real racing data with physical sensations, giving users a virtual ride alongside the pros.

But that’s not all. NTT’s been working with IndyCar for years, gathering data from over 140 sensors on each race car. That’s a whopping eight billion data points per race! Using this treasure trove of information, NTT’s AI and analytics crunch the numbers to provide fans with real-time insights.

Smarter Racing, Happier Fans

The NTT INDYCAR App, powered by NTT DATA, lets fans see the race like never before. Through AI-powered visualizations, you can get the lowdown on critical race moments, like overtaking battles and pit strategies. The app even predicts potential race winners, adding a whole new layer of excitement to watching the competition unfold.

Safety and Efficiency Get a Boost

NTT’s AI isn’t just there for entertainment. NTT Smart Venue technology is being used to improve safety and security for the massive crowds at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. AI-powered optical detection keeps an eye on things, helping to ensure a smooth and secure experience for everyone.

Plus, NTT’s tech helps with crowd control. By analyzing data from digital ticketing, NTT can predict wait times at gates and concessions. This means less time waiting in line and more time enjoying the race!

The checkered flag waves on another Indy 500, but NTT’s innovations ensure the future of the race is looking bright. From thrilling fan experiences to cutting-edge race insights, NTT’s AI and data technology are helping the Indy 500 stay ahead of the pack.


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