April 15, 2024

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Monday Morning Buzzed by Idaho’s Biggest Quake Since 2020

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A 4.9 magnitude earthquake shook Idaho on Monday morning, the strongest since 2020. Get the latest updates, safety tips, and resources for staying informed and prepared.

Monday Morning Buzzed by Idaho's Biggest Quake Since 2020

Residents across Idaho, including those in the capital Boise, woke up to a jolt on Monday morning as a 4.9 magnitude earthquake rattled the state. This temblor marks the strongest earthquake to hit Idaho since the March 2020 quake that registered a significant 6.5 magnitude.

The quake struck at 10:25 AM local time, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). While there haven’t been any reports of major injuries or widespread damage, the shaking was certainly enough to wake people up and get their hearts racing.

Aftershocks and Information:

Following the main quake, several aftershocks were reported, though with much lower magnitudes. Officials are urging residents to stay informed and prepared for potential aftershocks, which are common occurrences following larger earthquakes.

Here are some resources for staying informed and prepared:

Staying Calm and Prepared:

While earthquakes can be unsettling, it’s important to remain calm and follow the guidance of local authorities. If you experience an earthquake, remember to:

  • Drop, Cover, and Hold On: If you’re indoors, take cover under sturdy furniture and hold on.
  • Move away from windows and hanging objects: These can pose a falling hazard during an earthquake.
  • If you’re outdoors, move to an open area away from buildings, trees, and power lines.
  • Once the shaking stops, be prepared for aftershocks.

Let’s stay informed, support our neighbors, and remember that Idaho communities are known for their resilience.


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