July 23, 2024

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Phoenix Anchor Troy Hayden Bids Farewell to Fox 10 After 30 Years

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Phoenix news icon Troy Hayden says goodbye to Fox 10 after 30 years. Catch a glimpse of his emotional farewell and what's next for the Valley's favorite anchor.
Fox 10

Phoenix Anchor Troy Hayden Bids Farewell to Fox 10 After 30 Years

Longtime Phoenix viewers said goodbye to a familiar face this week as Troy Hayden hung up his microphone at Fox 10 Phoenix (KSAZ). Hayden, a staple in Arizona news for three decades, announced his departure in May, leaving a legacy of impactful reporting and a touch of humor that resonated with locals.

Hayden’s final broadcast wasn’t your typical newscast. Described by the anchor himself as feeling “like going to my own funeral,” it was a heartfelt goodbye filled with tributes from colleagues and reflections on his career. Viewers took to social media to express their appreciation for Hayden’s dedication and commitment to keeping Arizona informed.

A Phoenix News Icon

Hayden’s career at Fox 10 began in 1993. Over the years, he covered countless stories that shaped Arizona, from breaking news events to in-depth investigations. He was known for his relatable style, his ability to connect with everyday people, and his knack for finding the lighter side of even the most serious stories.

One of Hayden’s most notable moments was securing an exclusive interview with Jodi Arias just minutes after her murder conviction in 2013. This speaks to the respect he garnered within the Arizona community, allowing him access to crucial narratives.

What’s Next for Troy Hayden?

While details are scarce, Hayden has assured viewers that this isn’t the end of his time in Phoenix or broadcast journalism. He remains tight-lipped about his future plans, but one thing is certain: Valley residents won’t soon forget the mark he’s left on local news.

Saying Thanks to a Local Legend

Whether you tuned in for his insightful reporting or his infectious smile, Troy Hayden’s presence will be missed on Arizona airwaves. Here’s to wishing him all the best in his next chapter!


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