June 22, 2024

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Pixel 6 Pro Owner Discovers Burned Heatsink, Raises Concerns About Tensor Chip Overheating

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A Pixel 6 Pro owner shares a disturbing photo of a burnt heatsink, sparking concerns about potential overheating issues with the Google-designed Tensor chip. Learn more about the incident and its implications for Pixel 6 Pro owners.
Google Pixel 6

Pixel 6 Pro Owner Discovers Burned Heatsink, Raises Concerns About Tensor Chip Overheating

A Pixel 6 Pro owner has shared a chilling photo on Reddit, showcasing a burned patch on the phone’s heatsink. This raises serious concerns about potential overheating issues with the Tensor SoC, the heart of Google’s latest flagship smartphone.

Burnt Evidence:

The user, known as “zybernau” on Reddit, shared an image of their Pixel 6 Pro where a large rectangular patch appears burnt on the heatsink. This is the component responsible for dissipating heat generated by the processor. The presence of such a mark suggests the Tensor chip reached critically high temperatures.

Possible Causes:

While zybernau claims the burn occurred during a 10-minute phone call, it’s likely the issue originated earlier. Overheating issues often manifest gradually, with long-term exposure to high temperatures leading to eventual damage.

Wider Implications:

This isolated incident raises questions about the potential for widespread overheating problems with the Pixel 6 Pro. While Google hasn’t officially acknowledged any such issues, zybernau’s report suggests further investigation is warranted.

Impact on Consumers:

If overheating issues are prevalent, it could significantly impact the user experience on the Pixel 6 Pro. Thermal throttling, reduced performance, and even permanent damage are potential consequences.

What Should Pixel 6 Pro Owners Do?

If you’re a Pixel 6 Pro owner, be mindful of any overheating issues. Monitor your phone’s temperature, particularly during demanding tasks. If you suspect overheating, contact Google support for assistance.

Looking Forward:

Google needs to address these concerns promptly. Investigating the cause of zybernau’s Pixel 6 Pro’s issue and communicating transparently with consumers is crucial. Only then can they restore confidence in the Pixel 6 Pro and prevent further damage to their reputation.


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