April 15, 2024

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Rams on the Move? Mock Draft Predicts Trade with Eagles

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Will the Rams trade down in the 2024 NFL Draft? A new mock draft predicts a deal with the Eagles, shaking things up for both teams. Get draft analysis and team breakdowns here!

Rams on the Move? Mock Draft Predicts Trade with Eagles

The Los Angeles Rams, fresh off their Super Bowl run a few seasons back, find themselves in a familiar position: NFL Draft Day. But this year, things might be a little different.

A recent mock draft by The 33rd Team predicts the Rams shaking things up with a trade. The deal would see them sending their first-round pick (19th overall) to the Philadelphia Eagles. In return, the Rams would land the Eagles’ first-round pick (22nd overall) and their third-round pick (97th overall).

What’s in it for the Rams?

So why might the Rams be willing to move down a few spots? There are a couple of possibilities:

  • Target a specific player: Perhaps there’s a player the Rams covet who is projected to fall outside the top 20. With this trade, they could ensure they land their guy.
  • Stockpile picks: By acquiring an extra third-round pick, the Rams gain more flexibility to address their needs throughout the draft.

What about the Eagles?

For the Eagles, the move could be about adding additional draft capital to bolster their young roster. Moving down three spots allows them to add another first-round pick while potentially acquiring a player they still like.

Will this trade actually happen?

Of course, mock drafts are just predictions. NFL Draft day is known for its surprises, and teams often change strategies based on how the board unfolds. But this potential trade between the Rams and Eagles is an interesting scenario to consider. It highlights the Rams’ desire to stay competitive while also showcasing the Eagles’ commitment to building for the future.

Stay tuned!

The NFL Draft kicks off in April, and with this potential trade in the mix, things are sure to be exciting. Football fans will have to wait and see what the Rams and Eagles ultimately decide to do.


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