June 22, 2024

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Stars Troll Oilers with Their Own Tune in Playoff Victory

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The Dallas Stars took a playful dig at the Edmonton Oilers after their Game 2 win, playing the Oilers' victory song, "La Bamba," after their own victory. Was it a playful jab or disrespectful? Find out how the NHL and fans reacted to this cheeky playoff move.
Stars Troll Oilers

Stars Troll Oilers with Their Own Tune in Playoff Victory

The NHL playoffs are a heated battle, both on the ice and off. In a bit of cheeky gamesmanship, the Dallas Stars took a playful jab at the Edmonton Oilers after their 3-1 victory in Game 2 of their first-round matchup.

As the final buzzer sounded and the celebrating Stars cleared the ice, the American Airlines Center sound system didn’t blare their usual victory anthem. Instead, the iconic sounds of “La Bamba” filled the arena.

“La Bamba” might seem like an odd choice for a Stars win. However, it’s actually the Edmonton Oilers’ celebratory song. The upbeat tune, originally popularized by Ritchie Valens, holds a special place in Oilers’ lore. It was a favorite of Joey Moss, a beloved equipment manager with Down syndrome who worked for the team for decades. Fans rallied behind the song as a tribute to Moss, and the Oilers officially adopted it as their victory anthem in 2021.

So, playing “La Bamba” after a Stars win was a clear attempt to get under the Oilers’ skin – a bit of lighthearted trash talk that’s common in the NHL playoffs. While some fans might find it disrespectful, most saw it for what it was: a playful jab between rivals.

The tactic seemed to work. Social media lit up with Oilers fans expressing their amusement and (perhaps) annoyance. It certainly added some extra spice to the already heated series.

Will the Oilers bounce back and silence the “La Bamba” taunts? Or will the Stars keep the party going with Edmonton’s own victory song? Only time will tell as this exciting first-round matchup unfolds.


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