April 15, 2024

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Steve Cohen Digs In: Mets Payroll To Remain Above Luxury Tax Threshold

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Mets owner Steve Cohen says staying under the luxury tax threshold isn't a priority. Buckle up Mets fans, the spending continues!

Steve Cohen Digs In: Mets Payroll To Remain Above Luxury Tax Threshold

New York Mets fans, rejoice! Team owner Steve Cohen has made it clear – spending big isn’t stopping anytime soon. In a recent statement, Cohen declared that lowering the payroll below the initial luxury tax threshold isn’t even a consideration [1]. This is music to the ears of Mets supporters who crave a championship-caliber team.

Cohen, known for his deep pockets and willingness to invest, has transformed the Mets into a spending force in Major League Baseball (MLB). Since taking the helm in 2020, the Mets have consistently exceeded the luxury tax, a system designed to promote competitive balance by penalizing teams with high payrolls.

This year is no different. With a projected payroll exceeding $340 million – a staggering $100 million over the first threshold – the Mets are firmly committed to fielding a team built to win [1]. This dedication to fielding a competitive squad is a stark contrast to the pre-Cohen era, where fans often felt the Mets were content with mediocrity.

Of course, Cohen’s spending spree hasn’t come without its critics. Some baseball purists argue that exceeding the luxury tax creates an unfair advantage for large-market teams like the Mets. Additionally, some worry that hefty player contracts could hamstring the team’s financial flexibility in the future.

However, Cohen’s approach seems to be resonating with Mets fans. Citi Field has been buzzing with excitement, and season tickets are selling out faster than ever before. The team’s performance on the field reflects this newfound energy, with the Mets consistently in the thick of the National League East race.

Whether Cohen’s spending spree translates into a World Series title remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: Mets fans finally have an owner who is willing to put his money where his mouth is, and that’s a cause for celebration.


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