July 13, 2024

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Swiping Left on Apps? This Penn Student’s Matchmaking Service Offers a Personalized Alternative

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Frustrated with dating apps? Meet Pairfect, the Penn student-founded matchmaking service offering a personalized approach to finding love. Unlike apps, Pairfect prioritizes meaningful connections with hand-picked matches based on your values, interests, and goals. Ditch the swiping and ghosting - find your perfect match with Pairfect! ✨
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Swiping Left on Apps? This Penn Student's Matchmaking Service Offers a Personalized Alternative

Tired of the endless swiping and ghosting of dating apps? A University of Pennsylvania student has launched a matchmaking service that promises a more personalized and meaningful approach to finding love.

Enter Pairfect, the brainchild of Annie Xu, a dual MBA and MSW candidate. Frustrated by the impersonal nature of dating apps, Xu saw a need for a service that catered to individuals seeking deeper connections.

So, how does Pairfect work? Unlike apps that rely on algorithms and superficial profiles, Pairfect takes a human touch. Users begin by completing a comprehensive questionnaire and then schedule a video call with a matchmaker from their team. These matchmakers aren’t just any faces; they boast backgrounds in social work, clinical psychology, or family and couples therapy, ensuring they understand the nuances of relationships and compatibility.

But it doesn’t stop there. Based on the questionnaire and video call, the matchmakers delve deeper, getting to know your values, interests, and relationship goals. They then curate a selection of potential matches, individuals they believe share your aspirations and outlook on life.

This personalized approach sets Pairfect apart from the app crowd. No more wading through endless profiles that don’t truly reflect who someone is. Instead, you get hand-picked matches based on a genuine understanding of your needs and desires.

And it seems to be working. Launched in 2022, Pairfect has already garnered positive feedback from users who appreciate the thoughtful matchmaking process and the focus on meaningful connections. The service initially targeted Philadelphia’s graduate student community but is now expanding to cater to working professionals in the wider Northeast region.

So, if you’re over the app fatigue and yearning for a more intentional dating experience, Pairfect might be your perfect match. With its focus on personalized attention, compatibility, and meaningful connections, it offers a refreshing alternative to the often superficial world of online dating.

Want to learn more? Visit Pairfect’s website at [insert website address here] to find out more about their services and see if it’s the right fit for you. Remember, love shouldn’t be a numbers game – give Pairfect a chance to help you find your perfect match!


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