June 22, 2024

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Sydney Sweeney Sizzles (Then Suffers) on “Hot Ones”: You Won’t Believe What Sauce Did Her In!

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Sydney Sweeney took on the infamous "Hot Ones" hot sauce challenge, and things got spicy! See how the "Euphoria" and "The Handmaid's Tale" star handled the heat, and what sauce finally brought her down. You won't believe her reaction!
Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney Sizzles (Then Suffers) on "Hot Ones": You Won't Believe What Sauce Did Her In!

Sydney Sweeney is known for her many talents, including acting, singing, and producing. But did you know she’s also a bit of a spice fiend? The “Euphoria” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” star recently appeared on the popular web series “Hot Ones,” where she took on the challenge of eating increasingly spicy hot sauces. And let’s just say, she held her own… until she hit a certain wall.

Sweeney started off strong, confidently tasting the first few sauces without even breaking a sweat. She even had some playful banter with host Sean Evans, telling him, “I think I psyched myself up too high, and I’m good.”

But as the sauces got hotter, Sweeney’s bravado started to fade. By the time she reached the fifth sauce, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, she was starting to feel the heat. “Pretty good,” she said after trying it, “I mean, I feel tingly on my lips. That one might have an after effect.”

And oh, did it ever. Just moments later, Sweeney was full-on sweating, her eyes were watering, and she was struggling to speak. “Why is this happening?” she cried, wiping away tears (and snot) with a napkin. “I think they all just waited to kick in all at the same time.”

Despite the pain, Sweeney managed to soldier on and finish the challenge. But it was clear that she had underestimated the power of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. In a post-show interview, she admitted, “I was not expecting that. I thought I was gonna be a champ, and then I got destroyed.”

So, if you’re ever feeling cocky about your spice tolerance, take a lesson from Sydney Sweeney. Even the toughest stars can be brought down by a truly hot sauce.


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