June 13, 2024

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The Rock Takes on the Octagon: Dwayne Johnson Prepares to Smash as MMA Legend Mark Kerr in A24’s “The Smashing Machine”

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Dwayne Johnson throws down the gauntlet as legendary MMA fighter Mark Kerr in A24's "The Smashing Machine." Brace for a raw, emotional journey directed by Benny Safdie, promising Oscar-worthy drama and fight-fueled fury. Get ready to witness The Rock unleash his inner beast!
Dwayne Johnson

The Rock Takes on the Octagon: Dwayne Johnson Prepares to Smash as MMA Legend Mark Kerr in A24's "The Smashing Machine"

Get ready to rumble, fight fans! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is trading in his Jungle Cruise boat for a pair of MMA gloves as he takes on the role of legendary fighter Mark Kerr in A24’s upcoming film, “The Smashing Machine.” This isn’t your typical Rock action flick, though. Prepare for a gritty, character-driven dive into the world of mixed martial arts, helmed by the acclaimed director Benny Safdie (one half of the Safdie brothers duo behind the anxiety-inducing masterpiece “Uncut Gems”).

Kerr, a two-time UFC Heavyweight Tournament Champion, was a true pioneer of the sport back in its no-holds-barred era. Known for his raw power and relentless fighting style, he earned the nickname “The Smashing Machine” for his ability to, well, smash things. But Kerr’s story is more than just brutal battles in the octagon. It’s a tale of resilience, redemption, and the struggle to find purpose beyond the cage.

For Johnson, this marks a departure from his usual high-octane, family-friendly fare. He’s no stranger to physical challenges, having built his Hollywood career on his sculpted physique and action hero persona. But “The Smashing Machine” promises to showcase a different side of The Rock – a vulnerable, introspective portrayal of a man grappling with the demons of his past and the uncertainty of his future.

Safdie, known for his raw, visceral filmmaking style, is the perfect director to bring Kerr’s story to life. Expect a film that’s as brutal as it is beautiful, capturing the intensity of the fight game while delving into the emotional depths of its characters. Think “Raging Bull” meets “Warrior,” with a dash of Safdie brothers’ signature frenetic energy.

“The Smashing Machine” is still in its early stages, but the hype is already building. This is a project with Oscar-worthy potential, and with Johnson and Safdie at the helm, it’s sure to be a knockout. So, mark your calendars, fight fans! This isn’t just a movie – it’s an event. Get ready to witness The Rock unleash his inner beast and smash his way to critical acclaim.


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