May 21, 2024

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Want Real-World Experience in Washington D.C.? Dive into Politics and Policy with WilDCats at the Capitol

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Unforgettable Washington D.C. Internship: WilDCats at the Capitol Dive into politics and policy with WilDCats at the Capitol! Live, learn, and intern alongside the power players in Washington. Shape your future in the heart of American government. Apply Now!
Washington D.C

Want Real-World Experience in Washington D.C.? Dive into Politics and Policy with WilDCats at the Capitol

Ever dreamt of walking the halls of Congress or interning at a prestigious organization in Washington D.C.? For ambitious college students, WilDCats at the Capitol makes that dream a reality. This immersive program isn’t just about sightseeing – it’s a semester-long experience that throws you headfirst into the heart of American politics and policy.

Live, Learn, and Intern in the Nation’s Capital

WilDCats at the Capitol offers a unique blend of academic study and real-world experience. Students live together in D.C., forming a close-knit community while taking classes that delve into the inner workings of American government. But the real magic happens through the program’s internship placements.

Work Alongside the Power Players

Imagine yourself interning in the office of a Senator, gaining firsthand insights into the legislative process. Or, what about contributing your talents at a top-tier organization like NASA or UPS? WilDCats at the Capitol boasts a diverse range of internship opportunities, allowing you to explore various career paths and make a tangible impact.

More Than Just an Internship

The WilDCats program goes beyond resume-building. It’s about empowering the next generation of leaders. You’ll develop critical skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, all while making a meaningful contribution to society. Whether you’re passionate about public policy, social justice, or business, WilDCats at the Capitol provides the platform to turn your passion into action.

Ready to Explore Your Potential?

If you’re a college student seeking an unforgettable and transformative experience, WilDCats at the Capitol is for you. Join a vibrant community, gain invaluable experience, and shape your future in the heart of American politics. Head over to the University of Kentucky’s website for more information and to apply.


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