May 21, 2024

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Wipro Shakes Up Leadership: CEO Thierry Delaporte Steps Down, Veteran Srinivas Pallia Takes Over

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Wipro CEO Shakeup! Thierry Delaporte Steps Down, Veteran Insider Srinivas Pallia Takes Charge. Get the inside scoop on this leadership change and what it means for the IT giant's future.
CEO resignation

Wipro Shakes Up Leadership: CEO Thierry Delaporte Steps Down, Veteran Srinivas Pallia Takes Over

In a surprising turn of events, Wipro, the Indian IT giant, announced today that CEO Thierry Delaporte is resigning. Delaporte, who joined Wipro in 2015 and became CEO in 2019, will be stepping down effective April 7th, 2024.

The reason for Delaporte’s departure remains unclear. According to Wipro’s official statement, he is leaving “to pursue passions outside the workplace.” However, this news comes amidst a backdrop of increasing competition in the Indian IT sector.

Veteran Insider Takes the Helm

Wipro has named Srinivas Pallia, a company veteran, as Delaporte’s replacement. Pallia has been with Wipro for over two decades and most recently served as the head of its iServices business. His extensive experience within the company is seen as a stabilizing force during this period of transition.

What This Means for Wipro

It’s still too early to say what Delaporte’s departure and Pallia’s appointment signify for Wipro’s future direction. Delaporte’s tenure saw a focus on digital transformation and acquisitions in the cloud computing space. Investors will be watching closely to see if Pallia continues on this path or charts a new course.

Looking Ahead

Wipro remains a major player in the global IT services industry. This leadership change will undoubtedly generate speculation and analysis in the coming weeks. One thing is certain: Wipro’s future trajectory under Srinivas Pallia’s leadership will be a topic of keen interest for industry watchers and investors alike.


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