June 22, 2024

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Woman Missing After Flash Floods Devastate Thai Tourist Destination (video)

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Flash floods in Thailand left one woman missing and caused widespread damage to a popular tourist destination. Emergency crews are searching for the missing woman and helping to provide relief to those affected by the floods.
Floods Devastate Thai

Woman Missing After Flash Floods Devastate Thai Tourist Destination

Heavy rains caused flash floods in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand, on Monday, leaving one woman missing and causing widespread damage.

The floods hit the town of Pai, a popular tourist destination, and several other villages in the province. Roads were washed away, bridges were destroyed, and homes and businesses were flooded.

The woman who is missing was last seen trying to cross a flooded river. Rescue workers are still searching for her.

The floods have also caused power outages and water shortages in the province. The government has deployed emergency crews to help with the relief effort.

The flash floods are a reminder of the dangers of living in a tropical climate. Residents of Mae Hong Son are advised to stay safe and follow the instructions of local authorities.


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