June 22, 2024

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Zombie Survivalists Rejoice! Conquering Every Act 3 Confrontation Mission in MW3 Zombies

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Conquer the undead horde in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Act 3: Confrontation! This guide unveils every mission, unveils the epic rewards, and offers tips to dominate the battlefield. Slay zombies, earn awesome loot, and become a legend!
MW3 Zombies Missions

Zombie Survivalists Rejoice! Conquering Every Act 3 Confrontation Mission in MW3 Zombies

Yo, fellow zombie slayers! Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the heart of the undead horde – Act 3: Confrontation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. This ain’t no stroll through the park; it’s a hardcore test of brains, bullets, and teamwork against an endless tidal wave of flesh-eaters. But fear not, comrades, for I’m here to guide you through every bone-crunching mission and the sweet loot that awaits the victors.

Prepare for Battle: Tier 1 – Building Your Arsenal

Before we unleash hell on the undead, let’s prime our trigger fingers. These Tier 1 missions lay the foundation for your zombie-slaying spree:

  • Two Factor Authentication: Defend a Ground Station, slay 20 mercenaries, and keep that computer humming above 60% health. Easy-peasy, right? 3,000 XP says “yes.”
  • Flawless Aetherium Acquisition: Nab Flawless Aetherium without a scratch on it for a Tier 2 PAP Crystal and the Death Perception Schematic – see-through walls, anyone?
  • Paint the Target: Grab your paintbrush and splatter some lead! Mark 200 zombies for your squad and earn the “Grim Reaper” calling card. Paint ’em dead, get it?

Tier 2 – Turning Up the Heat:

Now, things get spicy. These missions will test your mettle and coordination:

  • Most Firepower: Pack-a-Punch a weapon to level 3, unleash its fury on 100 undead fiends, and top it off by vaporizing a Megabomb. Boom goes the dynamite, and boom goes your XP bar.
  • Alternate Current: Power up the labs, activate defense grids, and survive 3 rounds against electrified crawlers. Shockingly fun, this one is.
  • Crash and Burn: Take down a helicopter with grenade launchers, survive a horde onslaught, and escape via chopper – talk about a Hollywood ending. Just watch out for the rotor blades.

Tier 3 – Endgame with Bite:

Ready for the ultimate zombie throwdown? Buckle up, soldiers, because these missions are no joke:

  • Storm the Castle: Infiltrate a fortified castle, clear a Merc Stronghold, and take down a Warlord. Strauss’s research is your prize, along with bragging rights for days.
  • Closing Time: Shut down the labs permanently, activate the self-destruct sequence, and escape before the whole place goes kabloom. Talk about a cliffhanger… literally.
  • Spring Cleaning: Time to purge the remaining undead. Wipe out 500 of them, survive 5 rounds, and extract with all your limbs intact. Easy, right? (Just kidding, it’s a massacre.)

The Spoils of Victory:

Conquer all these missions, and you’ll be drowning in loot like a Scrooge McDuck in a penny pit. Here’s the juicy reward breakdown:

  • Operator Skin: Dominate the battlefield with the exclusive “Confrontation Master” skin, a testament to your zombie-slaying prowess.
  • Lockwood 680 Blueprint: This shotgun gets a sweet makeover with the “Undead Reaper” blueprint, turning it into a flesh-shredding monster.
  • Weapon Charms & Stickers: Flaunt your zombie-crushing skills with unique charms and stickers for your arsenal.

So, comrades, grab your guns, gather your squad, and prepare to face the undead apocalypse in Act 3: Confrontation. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, and with these tips and tricks, you’ll be carving your name into the hallowed halls of zombie-slaying legends. Good luck, and may your aim be true!


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