July 13, 2024

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75 Years of Sizzling Flavor: Kiolbassa Sausage – A San Antonio Legacy

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Experience 75 years of Texas tradition! Kiolbassa sausages in San Antonio offer delicious flavors, rich history, and a taste of local culture.
Kiolbassa Sausage

75 Years of Sizzling Flavor: Kiolbassa Sausage - A San Antonio Legacy

For 75 years, the aroma of smoked sausage has been synonymous with San Antonio. Kiolbassa, a local institution, has been serving up generations of Texans with mouthwatering sausages, crafting a legacy built on tradition, quality, and a whole lot of flavor.

From Humble Beginnings to Sausage Superstars

The Kiolbassa story began in 1949 when Stanley and Mary Kiolbassa, Polish immigrants, started selling their homemade sausages at local farmers markets. Their dedication to using only the finest ingredients and traditional Polish recipes quickly garnered a loyal following.

As demand grew, the Kiolbassas expanded their operation, opening their first store on San Antonio’s East Side in 1961. This iconic location, with its red-and-white checkered floors and friendly atmosphere, became a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike.

More Than Just Sausage: A San Antonio Experience

Kiolbassa is more than just a sausage company; it’s a San Antonio experience. Stepping into their store is like stepping back in time, with the enticing aroma of smoked meats filling the air and friendly staff ready to recommend their favorite selections.

Beyond the Signature Smokies:

While their signature smoked sausages are legendary, Kiolbassa offers a wide variety of products to tantalize taste buds. From jalapeño and cheddar sausages to smoked turkey and apple, there’s a flavor to satisfy every craving. They also offer delicious prepared foods like smoked sausage gumbo, jalapeño cheese kolaches, and juicy sausage links perfect for grilling.

A Legacy of Community and Giving Back

Kiolbassa is deeply embedded in the fabric of San Antonio. They actively support local charities and organizations, giving back to the community that has helped them thrive for over seven decades.

75 Years and Still Smoking Strong

As Kiolbassa celebrates its 75th anniversary, it’s clear that their commitment to quality, tradition, and community has been the recipe for their success. They continue to innovate and expand, offering new products and flavors while staying true to their Polish heritage.

So, next time you’re in San Antonio, take a trip down memory lane and savor the taste of tradition at Kiolbassa. You might just discover your new favorite sausage, and become part of the Kiolbassa legacy that continues to sizzle for generations to come.


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