June 22, 2024

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Biz Lightning Round: Keeping You in the Know (Without the Burn!)

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Stay ahead of the Charlotte business game with our Biz Lightning Round! Get the scoop on U.S. Bank's community grants and Truist's new remote work policy.
Biz Lightning Round

Biz Lightning Round: Keeping You in the Know (Without the Burn!)

Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood business news junkie here. Buckle up, because we’re doing a Biz Lightning Round! This is where we hit you with some quick-fire business news that’s hot off the press (or, you know, the internet).

U.S. Bank Boosts Charlotte with Grants!

U.S. Bank is putting its money where its mouth is, announcing a cool $450,000 in grants to three Charlotte non-profits last week. These grants, part of their Opportunity Fund program, are aimed at giving low- to moderate-income communities a leg up when it comes to building wealth. It’s great to see big businesses like U.S. Bank stepping up and supporting local initiatives!

Truist Tightens the Leash on Remote Work

Heads up remote workers! Truist Bank just announced a policy change that might have you scrambling for your office wardrobe. They’re requiring all employees to be in the office at least four days a week starting this fall. Their reasoning? They believe it will help strengthen company culture and collaboration. Looks like the “work from anywhere” dream might be on hold for Truist employees.

Keeping Up with the Charlotte Buzz

That’s it for this Biz Lightning Round! Remember, this is just a taste of what’s happening in the Charlotte business world. Stay tuned for more updates, and if you hear any interesting business news yourself, feel free to drop a comment below and let’s chat!


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